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Our Services

Macro Hedge Advisers delivers impactful research and advice to clients via a range of weekly touchpoints.

These include:

A regular, flagship despatch which derives the mid- and long-term implications from the latest – seemingly disconnected – economic and monetary developments; 

Bulletin alerts to interpret sudden market-moving realities; 

Technical analysis and charts to put today’s trading patterns into historical and regional context.

Question-and-answer dialogues so its clients can explore the ideas and strategies relevant to them in a shared but anonymous setting;

Highly bespoke advice to clients looking for tailored consultancy or specific research work including, but not limited to, Board & Investment Committee Support; Quarterly Asset Allocation Recommendations; On-Sight Visits; bespoke technical analysis; and Ad-Hoc Q&A Calls.

We would be delighted to inform you and answer your questions.