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For global asset markets, these are radical times.

A huge monetary experiment is long under way and intensifying with little sense of an ending.

Never before in modern times has there been such a confluence of negative interest policies, quantitative easing and long-term rate manipulation.

Never before have macroeconomic, geopolitical and domestic political forces been more closely interconnected but so hard to decipher through all the noise in real time.

These radical times require radical thought. The ability to see the consensus view – and see through it.

Macro Hedge Advisers seeks to do just this with expert analysis which transcends the stereotypes and confines of any one school of thought especially that espoused by the global central bankers’ club.

Our insights inform strategy recommendations across asset classes including currencies, credit, equities, sovereign bonds and gold. Our insights decode wider economic trends and geopolitical developments.

Marco Hedge Advisors is for chief financial officers, heads of treasury, wealth managers, risk managers and corporate financiers.

More broadly, our services are for anyone that manages risk, that wants to be informed, that wants to weigh up all important future scenarios and avoid the frequent traps of the status quo and the consensus.

Our output is based on original research, particularly in monetary and financial economics, and blended with extensive insights into the laboratory of financial history not otherwise available in today’s market-place.

The academic and research input is distilled with vast practical input based on the founders’ past careers as highly successful market practitioners.

Through us, our clients stay connected with the now and next – no matter how radical the times become.